The market of deposit-return new niche start-up of the transport

Who has not already found himself embarrassed with his bag or his backpack after leaving a home, while staying as a tourist ? This is what happened in Toulouse, Matthew Ballester : after you have returned the keys to the apartment he had rented in New York through Airbnb, he didn’t know where to leave their luggage. In London, the English Anthony Collias, while he was a student and lived near the train station of King’s Cross, saw a scroll in to him and his friends, who were depositing their belongings for a few hours…

Current 2015, these two entrepreneurs have had the same idea : why not create a network of instructions from hotel or traders ? The first launched Nannybag to Paris at the beginning of 2016, the second CityStasher in London, at the same time. Both compete for supremacy in this new market, which account for other start-ups as Holibag, in Rouen.

These entrepreneurs have taken up the challenge of the collaborative economy. the locus of the center of instructions, similar to the network of the start-up City Locker (13 instructions auto in Paris). As to the SNCF, it operates more than four out of sixteen locations, because of the plan Vigipirate.

However, a growing number of passengers requiring this type of service for a few hours. Nannybag, CityStasher and Holibag offer the same type of application. It is enough for the user to indicate the exact times and choose among the proposed options. If there are some guidelines that are open only during the day, others are 24 hours on 24, including hotels.

Extra cash welcome

“The development of the parcel in the shops, we had frankly helped, notes Anthony Collias. Traders are highly receptive to this concept because it creates a flow in their shop and they agree very easily to put in secure areas available for tourists or people passing through. “

“In some shops,…

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