The Lab Food Retail and of Carrefour at Viva Technology

More than 50 start-up pitchent with 10 countries, the leader of the food trade in a approach of open innovation new

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Carrefour is the second consecutive year as the exclusive partner of “Food & Retail” Viva Technology, which brings together large businesses and start-ups from around the world the 15, 16 and 17 June, at Porte de Versailles in Paris.

6 challenges around the business of shopping for food
Before the event, and to select the start-up invited, Carrefour chose to undertake 6 challenges relating to its business :
How a healthy diet contributes to well-being ? What emerging trends will be tomorrow, the highlights of the meal ? How to transform its kitchen “smart kitchen” ? How can new technologies change the game in the food supply chain ? How to implement methods of farming alternatives and to democratize the local production ? How to improve the customer experience in-store ?

International experts and duplex in 10 countries
During the 3 days of the show, the 54 start-ups invited by Carrefour and the participants of Viva Technology will have the opportunity to exchange on the spot or duplex, with experts from all the countries where Carrefour is present. Contact made in direct and network are thus multiplied, stimulating creativity and boosting opportunities for collaboration.
Detailed programming following*

Open innovation from the upstream to the downstream, in all the business of Carrefour
Guided by the willingness to do his job and ally with the communities with the most innovative, Crossroads is involved with a start-up, and puts at their disposal the financial and human resources they need to develop their potential, and take advantage of his ability to lead the market.
With the start-up, the Crossroads co-create and innovate in all its businesses, from upstream to downstream, based on the different formats of its 11 935 stores, and with the 1.3 million visitors to its web sites each day, in order to optimize the course omnicanal.

An appointment with innovation on the Lab Food & Retail Carrefour

9 sessions of pitch and juries tripartite
15, 16 and 17 June on the Lab Food & Retail Carrefour, 54 start-ups selected will present their projects in the framework of 9 sessions of pitch on the following themes : Smart Food, In-Store, New services, Supply Chain, Artificial Intelligence, Ad Tech, B2B2C, Data, and Positive Impact. The winners of the 9 pitches will be gathered together for the grand final in September next.
For each pitch, a jury tripartite will choose the start-up award in his category. It will be composed of one expert the Crossroads of one of the countries of the Group, expert and Carrefour France, and one of the partners of the Group, the BPI, Paris&Co, Raise, Partech and Plug&Play.

The Lab, a space for exchanges, a factory of ideas and a virtual showroom
Crossroads invites visitors to discover its multi-local and omnicanal around an agora, a central and a widescreen display giant.
Since the ” pitch boxes “, start-ups, presented live their projects to the collaborators of the countries of the Crossroads : China, Taiwan, Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Poland and Romania ;
In the ” creative zone “, the start-ups build their projects in real-time with the designers of the Crossroads ;
The “transport boxes” offer to the public a total immersion in 4D thanks to the technology VR at the heart of the universe of the main start-up invited on the Lab Food & Retail.

Three intense days of programming !
Over these three days, Crossroads organizes with its “Guest speakers” of the ” Cafes inspirational “, with the participation of Uzbek & Rica, The Family, Snips, … among other things !

You should also go around “Talk inno” together with experts from the Crossroads. This format of 15 minutes provides to introduce visitors to the services and the innovative products of Carrefour, recently launched : The service “express Delivery” / home “Pikit” , the small scannette which allows you to scan its products at home and order on Crossroads Drive / shopping Cart chef “: a box / recipes to cook at home with fresh “C-zam” mini price, the 1 current account available in self-service, accessible to all and without conditions of income.

Thursday and Saturday, Carrefour will open in its space in the framework of “Free pitching” in the start-up resident of the other Lab Viva Technology. Finally, “Happy Hour” will close the days of the Lab, in partnership with the jukebox digital Tracktl.

*Carrefour at VIVA TECHNOLOGY in PARIS, programme of interventions
– on 15 June at 15h55, stage 5 : How Techs improve the customer relationship ? in the presence of Anne-Laure Klein, Director, Strategy, Carrefour Group, and Anna Maria Gil Fuster, Innovation Project Manager, Carrefour Spain.
– on 16 June at 14: 55, stage 2 : The Tech is changing our relationship to food ? in the presence of Arnault Gournac – Director of Innovation Carrefour France.

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