The K&H Bank may offer qualified consumer friendly home loans

The K&H Bank Zrt. also you can start a qualified consumer-friendly housing loans, outsourcing, the products, the marketing of the start date of the credit institution is determined by the NBH told MTI on Wednesday.

The K&H bank by the FHB, Erste, and 48 credit unions, the Pannonian Savings Bank and the Mohács Savings Bank products was obtained for the NBH-from the consumer friendly rating. The FHB at 1 July, the Ersténél July 24-from the credit unions in and September from the first, you can request the credit.

According to the communication of the MNB in the qualification framework by the adoption sztenderdizált, simply comparable and consumer-friendly characteristics housing loan products to spread the endeavor. The central bank with market participants and consumer representatives conducted intensive consultations as a result of the rating concept and the associated invitation to tender up to the consumer demands the more satisfactory, the market competition amplifier and the loan redemption and incentive products to get you started.

This year on may 19 published tender conditions on the basis from 1 June eligible to apply for the credit institutions of the rating is to receive. These loans interest rate premium may not exceed 350 basis points, the disbursement fee not exceeding the amount of the loan is 0.75 percent, but a maximum of huf 150 thousand. The prepayment fee may not exceed the prepayment amount 1% of the housing savings fund of bank deposits and the prepayment according to the contract savings and the associated state aid to the extent free of charge. The credit deadline for the valuation availability after 15 working days.

The qualified consumer friendly home loans product review of the MNB’s minositett credit.en side to reach the consumers, they added.

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