The japanese Swozzle panics the market john

Swozzle landed in Europe. The japanese distributor of clothing Start Today, launches on Monday 10 September, his brand of jeans, shirts and t-shirts. His collection consists of twenty pieces with the style unisex. But no matter. Thanks to a concept of tailor-made made in China, sold only online in 72 countries, Start Today table a success as lively as the one met in Japan in the spring.

Founded by billionaire Yusaku Maezawa in 1998, the company has designed a combination equipped with 350 sensors, the Zozosuit. Customers must slip it on and pose in front of their smartphone, after downloading the application from the brand. The phone collects all its actions by establishing a photo in 3D. “Three minutes,” says its operations director, Masahiro Ito. On the app, an algorithm then chooses the jean, the shirt or the t-shirt deemed ideal. The client selects him the cup, and then the finishes, including the location of the pockets or the comfort desired. According to his measurements, Swozzle it will then offer an item from its catalogue, it can ship in four days, or an article in its measures, delivered in four weeks.

2.7 billion dollars of turnover

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