The insurers make the collaborative economy. their new eldorado

If the sharing economy attracts the consumers and inspire the platforms loaded to play the intermediaries, it also constitutes a new and very promising market for insurance companies.

Wednesday, October 25, Axa France, and Uber had to start a new coverage for independent drivers of Uber. The leader of the car booking with driver now offers them a free insurance in case of an accident during a race (refund of a portion of the health costs and benefits in the event of a serious accident), regardless of their incomes generated through the application. In September, the French insurer had entered into a similar agreement to cover the “bikers” of the company, delivery of meals to home Deliveroo. Axa France provides a guarantee “civil liability” to Hopwork, the first platform for connecting freelancers with large companies.

Axa is well positioned to pioneer the social protection of self-employed workers in the digital age. Real boon to the profession, the law El Khomri 2016 will be held in January to most of the platforms support the voluntary insurance “work accident” of their employees, beyond a certain turnover.

New opportunities

The growth in the workforce in this sector creates new opportunities for insurers, always eager to increase their market share in health insurance. This new model will rub shoulders with one of the employees, whose care is covered at 100 % by the social Security system when they are victims of a work accident.

The collaborative economy. other benefits to insurers. The platforms of car rental between private individuals such as Drivy, Koolicar or OuiCar, car sharing such as Blablacar, accommodation such as Airbnb or GuestToGuest, or rental of boats between individuals…

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