The indian market of the railway, the scene of a fierce battle between industrial

New success for Alstom in India. After winning, in 2015, the contract for the supply of 800 locomotives to the Indian Railways for the equivalent of 3.5 billion euros, the manufacturer of French trains was signed on Monday 10 September, the market of the oars of the first underground railway in Mumbai, the financial capital of the country (21 million inhabitants). Alstom will manufacture 31 rowing machines consist of 248 cars, for 315 million euros.

“This is the market for an agglomeration gigantic, and he will be the completely new feature to be at maximum capacity since its commissioning in 2021, with a million passengers per year, which is huge,” says the World Alain Spohr, managing director of Alstom for South Asia. The Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation (MMRC), developer of the project, believes that the infrastructure will reduce to 35% of the automobile traffic on the surface.

In march, Alstom had already been awarded the batch power supply to the line, and the company comes to learn that she was lowest on the lot signaling. “In total, we could achieve an operation of more than 400 million euros “, says Alain Spohr, ” far more than the three metros on which we operate at present “, in Madras (265 million euros), Cochin and Lucknow (150 million euros each).

The rolling stock of Mumbai will be assembled on the platform Metropolis that Alstom has already implemented in Barcelona, Amsterdam, Riyadh, Dubai and Singapore. “At the request of MMRC, three-quarters of the wheels of the metro will be motorized so that, in general, only half the is. This will make acceleration and braking quicker, this is a first in India, “says Mr. Spohr, who welcomes the “freedom” that has been given to various competitors.

The chinese company was “very surprised” of the price proposed by…

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