“The huge debt of HNA threat to cut off at any moment, the wings of the giant chinese “

Losses & Profits. They hang out on the tarmac of Toulouse, such as abandoned children. The agency Reuters has counted six, may be in there more. The A330 brand new. A garuda stylized spreads its wings of gold on their red tail. The mythical bird is the emblem of the regional airline china-Hainan Airlines. Interviewed, Airbus confirms the ongoing negotiations. No regulation, no delivery. The parent company, the group HNA, is struggling to find the funds, struggling in big financial difficulties. As if that wasn’t enough, these aircraft, such as the company, are orphaned since a week. Their father, Wang Jian, co-chair of HNA and himself a pilot, has not survived a fall from 15 meters. It was in France, on the 4th of July, village of Bonnieux, in the Luberon. To be photographed in front of the provençal countryside, he had climbed the low wall that overlooked the cliff, and then lost balance. The thesis of the accident has been confirmed.

This could not have come at a worse time, as an engine that releases in full re-launch. Since the beginning of the year, the company struggles to reduce a massive debt of $ 90 billion (€77 billion), which threatens at any moment to cut off the wings of one of the biggest chinese groups.

And Wang Jian was the man who spoke to the financial of the planet. In march 2017, on the occasion of the jewish feast of Purim, he was the guest of honor at a ceremony at the jewish Museum of New York, in front of the cream of Wall Street. He was presented with a crystal ball on which were carved two roosters gold, in reference to the chinese year that began. It must be said that he had done work for the corporate bankers. Created in 1995, from the airline group HNA was launched for three years in a frenzy of international acquisitions. Nearly 40 billion dollars have been spent to become a shareholder of the Hilton, buildings…

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