The growth in contempt of the dangers ? The message that is embarrassing to a senior executive of Facebook

This is yet another case of embarrassing for Facebook. Thursday, march 29, the website Buzzfeed released an internal memo by an executive of the company, dating back to 2016, taking the view that the growth of Facebook was the priority, relative to the risk that the platform could generate.

“We connect people “, wrote Andrew Bosworth, now the head of the hardware division. “This can be a good thing if they are doing something positive. Maybe someone will find love. Maybe this can save the life of someone on the point of suicide. Therefore we connect more people “, does in the introduction, before you continue to the part ” the ugly “, in his own words :

“It can be a bad thing if they are doing something negative. Maybe it will cost a life, by exposing someone to stalkers. It may be that someone will die in a terrorist attack coordinated through our tools. And we continue to connect people. “

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