The Group Prunay invests in the start-up Sky inLab

In the framework of its development strategy, the Group Prunay and its subsidiary Maisoning invest in innovative companies judged to be at high potential and whose solutions complement their offerings for a better customer satisfaction.

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After the acquisition of Delta leaks, specialized in the research of leaks, non-destructive, Maisoning, a subsidiary of the Group Prunay specialized in regulation after loss, consolidated its position in Repair In Kind, including seizing the opportunity of an entry in the capital of Sky inLab, leader of the repair of metal frames and become the exclusive partner.

Based on this input, Maisoning gives itself the means to become the preferred solution for its clients, insurers and mutual societies, which wish to intervene more quickly and at lower cost in the event of a claim on the metal frames of their insureds. These areas will have so many advantages : more efficiency, more comfort, no rework of masonry or embellishment, etc

Concretely, the innovation of Sky inLab is 4 times faster than a replacement of traditional and between 45% to 75% less expensive. The arguments will rely also on the excellence of the interventions already recognized Maisoning at the national level.


“Right from our 1st meeting, we immediately perceived the added value of this solution repair the innovative and complementary nature of our offerings. The values of customer service and entrepreneur of Matthew, the founder of Sky inLab, we want to assist in the development and success of Sky inLab ” explains Julian Vera, ceo of Maisoning

“We are pleased to start a great adventure in the sides of the Group Prunay and its subsidiaries. Sky inLab is based on an innovation, and we quickly saw the value of bringing together our skills with this group specialized in the management of claims. We share the same values and have the ambition to push our limits to build the future. ” says Matthew Petitqueux, founder of Sky inLab

About the ” Groupe Prunay
The Group Prunay sees the light of day in 1993, under the leadership of its founder, Patrick Weil. Specialized in the regulations after claims from insurance companies and mutuals, the group recorded a turnover of 105 million euros. The Group Prunay has a number of specialized subsidiaries which Eurexo, Maisoning, Groupe Prunay international, Manexi, W2R, Prunay PJ, Autexia, Adapt’home. It employs more than 1100 employees in more than 100 locations in metropolitan France and overseas departments. This mesh allows a great reactivity in situ, supplemented by digital tools, advanced management, and relationship at a distance optimized. The experts of the group deal with, and more than 300 000 claims per year.

About Maisoning
Major player in the home-based intervention for the last 50 years, Maisoning is the partner of the insurers in the management of work after a disaster, thanks to its network of 24 agencies close by. Made up of 400 employees and led by Julian Vera, Maisoning and its subsidiaries with a turnover of 40M€.

About Sky inLab
Sky inLab, company innovative repair and coating of metal bracket offers a fast and economical solution thanks to its patented technology (57% savings on average face a replacement). Its technicians are involved with the Lab, truck shop, directly on site, while respecting environmental standards : 450 tonnes/year less waste. Present in 71 departments to this day, the company is composed of 15 staff and directed by Matthew Petitqueux. Sky inLab has a goal of recruiting 70 employees by 2018.

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