The Group ” Oceanic appoints Thomas Sutre, Director of the consulting firm in the wealth management I…

The firm IPCA (real Estate Heritage Council Insurance) was acquired in September 2016 by the Group ” Oceanic, a specialist in wealth management, investment, rental, and property development.

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Thomas Sutre joined the Group Océanic in September 2015 to the posts of Director of Oceanic Finance, the subsidiary dedicated to wealth management of the Group Océanic. He became Director of the firm IPCA, based in Neuilly-sur-Seine, and retain its functions within Oceanic Finance. Previously, after more than six years within the Axa Group, he was the regional Director within the network of firms of management of heritage CGP Entrepreneurs (a subsidiary of the Group UFF).

Acquired in September 2016 by the Group Océanic, the firm IPCA (real Estate Heritage Insurance Board) was established in 1999, in Neuilly-sur-Seine. It has 300 clients, executives and liberal professionals of the paris region. “At the time of the acquisition of the stock of the firm IPCA amounted to 39 million euros and they currently stand at 45 million. Our goal is to reach 100 million euros in loans by 2019, ” says Thomas Sutre.

The cabinet consists of 3 co-managers : Patrice Azria, François Citeau and Thomas Sutre, as well as 2 employees. IPCA will continue to develop its offer in full autonomy, partnering with its own suppliers, which may be common to those of Oceanic Finance.

“Already implanted in Brittany (Brest) and in French Guyana (Cayenne), the Group Océanic has for objective, through this acquisition, to expand its consulting activity in the Ile-de-France. This operation fits in with our strategy of strengthening our presence in the metropolitan territory, where we will take new initiatives in the coming months, ” says Patrice Azria, President and Founder of the Group Océanic.

About the Group Océanic :

Based in Brittany, in French Guiana and Neuilly-sur-Seine, the Group Océanic is specialized in the sectors of real estate, rental investment and wealth management. The advisors of the Group accompany the individuals and companies in their investment projects since 1993.

OCEANIC employs 94 people across three business lines : Oceanic Promotion, a leader in promoting private real estate in Guyana (26 programs, individual and group delivered by the Group since 2003 and 2300 batch managed), Oceanic real Estate, which provides a solution for global real estate and Oceanic Finance, a consulting firm in wealth management. This feature allows to Group OCEANIC accompany its clients throughout their project via a complete service. ”

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