The group apicil takes a participation of 2.2 mE in fundshop with the help of aec fintech

In order to accelerate its deployment on the French market, FUNDSHOP strengthen its own funds with € 2.2 million raised from the Group APICIL, social Protection Group, which assists companies and individuals in Health, Savings, retirement and Pension. This important fundraiser will mark a new stage in the growth of FUNDSHOP that gives priority to its development on the French territory and in its programme of R&D. AEC Partners, which was announced at the end of the year 2016 the opening of its department Fintech, ” BCE FINTECH “, is pleased to have completed this first operation for APICIL.

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Created in April 2013 by Leonard de Tilly and Florian de Miramon, and then launched in February 2015, FUNDSHOP is a startup in the Fintech French which offers applications of the construction and management of portfolios in the advisors wealth management, brokers, banks and other distributors of financial products to assist them to digitize and industrialize the council financial investment for their client.

Single platform BtoB French, FUNDSHOP proposes solutions for the robo-advisor in white label for financial institutions. These solutions enable individuals, clients of life insurers, to take in hand the management of their savings and optimize the performance, directly or via an advisor. All this, thanks?? a simple tool that customizes??, transparent and efficient using algorithms quantitative, developed by a team of financial engineers and in partnership with the Ecole polytechnique. Recommendations for portfolio allocations are automatically generated for the users to optimize the risk budget authorized by their profile, depending on market conditions and constraints of a product (fees, financial supports eligible).

The strategic approach of FundShop is to produce services that are complementary to the chain of distribution of savings products in order to support its digitization. The proposed solutions cover the requirements of the regulations, the financial engineering, the customer service ; they rely on a set of configurable features that allow you to build a robo advisor. With FUNDSHOP, end users can integrate on a single platform several contracts of life insurance regardless of the insurance company. Thus, they will be informed at their own pace, proposals for the robo-advisor that results in an educational manner the probabilities of gains and losses of the portfolio of the client. The platform then provides an optimization of the allocation that will be followed in time with alert systems and reporting driven by email, SMS, or soon via notifications mobile. This unique approach allows you to work on the savings already made, without the need to purchase a new product (plug and play).

This injection of funds will allow FUNDSHOP to accelerate its growth on the French market that already has 12 clients have chosen the solution ; they aim to reach 20 by the end of the year. An employment program will be launched before the summer to strengthen the current team consists of 8 people. In addition to delivering its current and future clients, FundShop plans to launch a new program of R&D ambition to enable its partners to remain at the forefront of innovation. The company will also continue its deployment in Europe and at international level, since it already has a partnership in the United Arab Emirates.

Through this transaction, the Group APICIL supports innovation and participates actively in the transformation to Digital of the business of wealth management and financial services.
The service offer developed by FundShop is original and effective, and the partnership with Groupe Apicil will also help to deploy and decline an offer-to-measure for each of its networks.

For Léonard de Tilly, President of FUNDSHOP
“We are especially pleased to be accompanied by the group APICIL which, by its dynamism and its know-how in the sector of savings, will enable us to accelerate greatly the development of our innovative solution. APICIL sharing our vision Dropship, on which we have a proven track record and their arrival should further institutionalise and will help to convince our largest prospects to work with us “.

Renaud Célié, DAM of the Group APICIL
“FUNDSHOP is part of the ecosystems in very virtuous and effective solutions adaptable to low constraints and high added value for all.
We are happy to be at the initiative of such innovative developments in our business, and we sign up for as always in a dynamic, agile and growth “.

For Stéphane Olmi, Managing Partner of AEC Fintech
“Due to the specialization of FUNDSHOP for BtoB, we thought that Fintech was the ideal partner for the group APICIL. The teams of APICIL will be able to optimize their bids while increasing productivity and accelerating the transition of funds in Euros to the Units of Account “.

“Many companies in the Fintech came to find us since the announcement of the creation of this new department within AEC Partners by year-end 2016. There is still a massive work of evangelization in this field with our partners, but we are very confident. Insurers for their part closely follow these young nuggets of the French Tech and very promising for the optimization of their services “.

For Minh Q. Tran, General Partner of AXA Strategic Ventures
“We are delighted to be working with BCE and Apicil on this new acceleration in France and develop new projects internationally in the coming months. ”

About the Group APICIL ( :

The Group APICIL, 5th French Group of Social Protection, offers a complete range of solutions and tailored health and welfare, savings and retirement for individuals and professionals. Each day, the 2 000 employees of the Group bring their expertise to the 50,000 businesses and 1.5 million policyholders protected. With its members, the Group caters to customers closer to their expectations by responding to their needs more general to the more specific (disability, grande distribution, CONSTRUCTION…) and in all stages of their life. Joint and mutual the Group APICIL supports causes in the general interest and thus contributes to the advancement of societal projects major.
About Fundshop (
Lance?? Fe??February 2015, Fundshop provides online services to the construction and management of portfolio. Fundshop allows distributors of savings products to digitize and automate a consulting service for individuals to help take in hand the management of their savings through a?? a simple tool that customizes??, transparent and efficient. A unique approach to BtoB and the open architecture of the robo-as-a-service Fundshop??mocratise access?? the performance of the financial markets, and?? the management of funds with no minimum investment, while controlling their risk.
The application FundShop is developed by the company Supportfi, created in April 2013 by Leonardo da Tilly and Florian de Miramon. A true pioneer of the scene Fintech in France, the company is developed around a unique positioning in the BtoB by focusing our innovation on services and tools, and not on the distribution of products.
About AXA Strategic Ventures (ASV) (

ASV is the venture capital fund supported by AXA, the first global insurer and asset manager. ASV manages $ 250 million and invests in technology relevant to the sectors of insurance and asset management, such as enterprise software, Fintech, and consumer technologies. ASV operates globally with 4 offices in the world: San Francisco, New York, London and Paris.

About AEC Fintech (

BCE Fintech, founded in October 2016 and is based in Paris, is a boutique M&A independent operating in the area of Fintech, and Assurtech French and international. BCE Fintech, is a special department of AEC Partners. Its mission is to accompany the Fintech and Assurtech French in the operations of the board in mergers & acquisitions (M&A), fund raising (Equity and/or debt) and financial strategy (partnerships, valorisation…). BCE Fintech is also positioned with their partners : specialized funds, banks, insurance companies, joint institutions and mutual, GAFA and other actors of this ecosystem. The structure is led by Stéphane Olmi, Managing Partner, and Adrien Choquet, Associate Director.

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