“The great cultural challenges of the Twenty-first century will be the regulation of the Internet “

Forum. What place and what future for the culture, the age of the Internet ? The revolution, or rather the big bang of digital shakes up the real world in proportions difficult to imagine. The Internet is an extraordinary tool of communication, interactive multimedia, encyclopedia dynamics of knowledge, access to all of the cultures. But a tool cannot be an end in itself.

In 2008, we are witnessing the rapid development of ” streaming “, which already offsets the physical market

The cultural issue of the Internet, it is the survival of creation and of the industries of contents. The players on the Internet have used such content without worrying about their financing and the devastation caused by piracy.

From the creation of iTunes in 2001, it is a computer manufacturer, Apple, who fixed intelligently the price of the music to 9.99 euros for the download of an album. A deduction of about 20 % of the price of a physical album. Fortunately, Steve Jobs was a child of the rock – his mark reflects that. This is the first step, the download paid, was so virtuous, to finance the creation. In the years that followed the creation of Spotify, in 2008, we are witnessing the rapid development of ” streaming “, which already offsets the physical market.

Change of perception

The streaming sites, Spotify, Apple, Music, Deezer, fix the price of music to 10 euros per month for access to ten, and then twenty million of securities. We can therefore, for the same price of 10 euros, to buy an album download, or purchase a subscription. How to explain such an absurdity ?

For the consumer, the right price is not necessarily the lowest price

The streaming platforms are concerned about the unfair competition from piracy were desired to fix an attractive price. But this model has disastrous consequences in the field of music and image because it does…

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