The government wants to ”invest in the social structure”, while the opposition ”want to lower taxes”.

The main difference in Swedish politics is that the government wants to ”invest in the social structure”, while the opposition ”want to lower taxes”.

It said prime minister Stefan Löfven in parliament partiledardebatt on Wednesday.

Moderatledaren Anna Kinberg Batra said that the ”people not to work in the morning, if you don’t pass the welfare. Well, we’ll continue to explain it to the prime minister”.

She also wanted to have answers from the prime minister if it is true that the number of particularly vulnerable areas has increased.

The sweden democrats Jimmie Åkesson asked what the prime minister intended that the additional hundreds of thousands of people expected to come here in the coming years, to work with and where they live.

”Leaves do not understand even the problems that he himself has been to create,” he said.

The prime minister replied that the government invests in jobs and housing, and that they should continue to do so.

Centerledaren Annie Lööf took up to Stefan Löfven ahead of the elections promised gold and green forests to companies, but that he has not delivered this after the election victory.

She said to Stefan Löfvens definition of a good business climate are not consistent with the corporate definition.

”When it became an active enterprise policy the same as to invite to the mazarinfikor?”, she asked, and added that the companies will receive 1 crown, but since the ”snot he the decuple back”.

Annie Lööf called on the prime minister to ”lay off valretoriken” when it comes to lowering taxes.

”We lowered taxes on job creation, and increased resources to the welfare, lay off with the valretoriken,” she said.

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