The government secures the fulfilment of the express train between Roissy and Paris

The State has-t-he flew to the rescue of the “train of the rich” between Paris and Roissy ? While the future automatic metro Grand Paris Express is suspended in an arbitration of the executive and other transport lines in the Ile-de-France are waiting for their first euro since years, the government’s decision to directly fund the Charles-de-Gaulle Express (CDG Express) go wrong with his many opponents.

The minister of economy and finance, Bruno Le Maire, announced on 16 November at the national Assembly : the State will pay 1.7 billion euros in the consortium – Aéroports de Paris (ADP), the SNCF Network and Caisse des dépôts (CDC) – in charge of building this rail link direct, which should allow business travelers and tourists to easily go from the airport to the train station in twenty minutes for 24 euros. The loan must be repaid through the tolls that will pay the future operator of the line to the consortium, and a tax applied to passengers of the airport.

Exit the search of a bank loan, the State took the hand. And secures the realization of this transmission line, which until then remained in a blur on as long as she has known of affronts since the project has been put on the rails, in 2002. “It is essential to accelerate the realization of this infrastructure in the perspective of the olympic Games of 2024 “, explained Bruno Le Maire, to which ” this financing will be less costly and more rapid. ”

“We would like that there was as much of political will on the transport of daily life. In Seine-Saint-Denis, the extension of the tramway T1 is blocked, the line 11 of the subway also… Even for the improvement of the RER B RATP has difficulty obtaining credit for projects that had already been decided, ” observes Marc Pélissier, president of the national Federation of associations of transport users in the île-de-France, yet not hostile to the principle of this direct connection.

20 000…

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