“The government of populist Italian dream of opening the doors to China “

“Loss & profit “. This is thanks in large part to Marco Polo that China has awakened the rest of the world. The stories of the venetian merchant, dictated after his return, to 1295, a prison of genoa, have had a considerable impact on the whole of Europe.

Michele Geraci, also, comes back from China. This professor of finance sicilian has taught in Shanghai. Upon his return, like Marco, he wanted to convince his countrymen of the wonders to be encountered. He found the sympathetic ear of Matteo Salvini, the boss of the League (far-right). Attained power, the latter did appoint the under-secretary of State for economic development. Since then, he dreams to open the doors to its chinese friends.

Has the agency Bloomberg, it reveals that Italy is expected to sign this year a memorandum with the China, making his country the forward peak in Europe of the project of Beijing infrastructure giant (” One Belt One Road “) linking the Far East to Europe. A program of massive investment in the railway, air, space, and culture. “We are very different from the previous government on this subject,” says Mr. Geraci.

Europe, the prime target of Beijing

This rupture will is also with the rest of the european Union (EU), at this time very reserved on the subject and, of course, with the executive, american, war, open trade with China. Thursday 4 October, the economic adviser of the White House, Larry Kudlow, said that his country, yet very protectionist when it suits, was discussing with the EU to form ” a coalition of common willingness to fight China in the business field. “

It must be said that Europe is the prime target of Beijing. The Old Continent hosts almost 60 % of chinese investments abroad, compared to only 25 % in the United States and 15 % in Asia and Africa. Hence the importance…

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