The government hundreds of millions of forints to spend on customer awareness to develop

The government until 2019 to several hundred million huf wish to turn the food quality to raise customer awareness development, as well as more effective regulatory action in the Hungarian Gazette the latest issue, published in government decisions.

The government’s decision, according to the minister of agriculture’s task is among other things a customers food safety relating to awareness and knowledge to increase their level of service for program development. This plain should be made to the food box, and food quality characteristics, the manufacture of applied technologies, as well as the head of the ministry make recommendations to prepare the traditional products of getting to know, 2019. by 30 June. The program implementation minister of national economy next year, is 600 million huf, in 2019 and 700 million huf provides.

In addition, the agriculture minister for children food chain on security course material to develop and free to make available to, 2018. July 30. The government for this purpose this year, 150 million forints, the funding, minister of national economy responsible for.

Also the ministry of agriculture of wallet manager the task of the certified customer information, shaping attitudes in order to develop the S-QR code based on the Excellent Hungarian Food trademark, associated with an electronic base along with 2018. by 31 december. The national economy minister to do this in 2018, 130 million huf provides.
The agriculture minister should be made to the caterers and their food quality to serving “quality feel to enhance the collective” programme, 2017. by 31 december. The program implementation of the national economic minister in 2018, 50 million huf support.

The minister of agriculture the task of the National food chain safety Office (Nébih) involving expand the “Food smart” and the superman he program, as well as the fruits, vegetables concerning the quality of correct consumer expectations to develop a working out of the “Imperfect can be perfect” program, 2018. by 31 december. This implementation of the minister of national economy for next year by huf 200 million, 2019, and 20 million huf contribution.

The agriculture minister also 2018. by 30 June, you must strengthen the Hungarian food book awareness, which is the plain administration in the spirit of helping the customer awareness formation. For this task the minister of national economy in 2018, 100 million huf provides.

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