The French start-up Komunn dreams ” Leboncoin services “

On social networks, and the clip is eye-catching and caress in the direction of the pile drivers VTC. “You’re tired of platforms ? Tired of being sold out ? Tired of being disconnected for a yes or a no ? Fed up with astronomic commissions ? In short, to be uberisé ? Check Out Komunn ! “After the arrival of Taxify, the sector of transportation of people will be helped by a new actor, the French, who promises to the free fixing of prices of racing by the drivers and a commission of 5 % for Komunn, compared to 25 % for Uber.

“We are not a platform vertically like [those] assigned to the transportation sector alone VTC, but a market-place open to multiple sectors,” says Stéphane Claret, the co-founder of this application accessible by smartphone as of November 6. Komunn is meant to be an advertisement site reserved to approximately 3 million self-employed workers, they are under the status of sole proprietorship or autoentrepreneur. In short, a sort of” Etsy for services ” or ” Leboncoin services “…

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