The “flat tax” opens up ” capital investment to a wider audience “

Forum. The confirmation of a “flat tax” on capital of 30 % has sparked many reactions in a world of global savings and asset management, which has needed visibility and stability. But it is especially necessary to underline that this decision has the ambition to change the report of the French productive investment to bring more funding to businesses.

Indeed, it is acknowledged that the lack of equity is one of the evils suffered by the companies in France, slowing down their development and the creation of jobs. For businesses, especially start-ups, could be born and grow, there must be a facilitated access to finance of all kinds and then to the Exchange. And for that they are investors, it is necessary that the returns are more attractive.

As we know, any investment will appreciate in light of the couple risk-return. In recent years, the French have mostly favoured investments, without risk, and low return — which does not in general favour the banks and insurance companies. This “flat tax” is going to change this combination of performance-risk and encourage investors to prefer investment a bit riskier (stocks, index funds), offering a net return much more advantageous.

An increased interest to invest

With this measure, each French with a little bit of savings will therefore be of increased interest to invest and participate in the creation of wealth and jobs. This decision may even change the relationship of the French to the economy and put an end to the vision sometimes biased as they have the finance, born of the excesses of the subprime or high-frequency trading, which is not conducive to only a privileged few.

Now, everyone will have more interest to become an actor of the economy of the investment. This will lower the barrier of creation of companies and jobs. For…

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