The feast without the drunkenness among the financiers of Wall Street

Wall Street exchange, the bonuses remain. As well might we summarize the situation of the finances, while the bonus of 177 000 employees of the funds out of hedge funds (hedge funds) have grown by 17 % in 2017, reaching 184 000 $ (150 000 euros). In total, a mass of 31.4 billion dollars to share between them.

In New York, the finance is still queen, because employees in the sector earned last year to $ 375,000, five times more than the average in the private sector. The festival is expected to continue into 2018, according to the results the bank first quarter announced on Friday 13 April.

Tax reform, the return of volatility to markets that encourage the commissions and the bonus : the harvest is good. JPMorgan has seen its profits increase by more than a third in the first quarter, to $ 8.7 billion, and Citigroup 13 percent. Wells Fargo takes color (+ 5 %)

Understood nothing, learned nothing ? The press has compared the figures of bonus in the last 2006 they had an average of 191, 000, just before the great financial crisis, while the bosses of the first five big banks have been well-served : the CEO of JPMorgan, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Citigroup and Bank of America have received an average income of $ 25.3 million last year, up 17 % – the record being held by James Dimon, boss of JPMorgan, with $ 29.5 million.

“Constraints on the very strong ”
Taking into account inflation, the bonus 2017 are down 20% compared to 2006

This increase has, however, been amplified by a few elements : in 2016, the Deutsche Bank, in bad shape, had distributed very little bonus and has made its return in 2017, while banks like Goldman Sachs are eager to allot shares or stock options by the end of 2017, the tax reform of Donald Trump, reducing the ability of banks to deduct tax their bonuses. Finally, these figures…

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