“The fear of artificial intelligence is not (yet) present “

Forum. In a context where the global economy is idling, and where the social inequalities are increasing, the dream technology is offered as one of the possible paths towards a new cycle of economic growth. But the technological revolution is also a source of concern. In particular, the artificial intelligence (AI). The debate is not new. For centuries the architects of technological breakthroughs as opposed to the thinkers who aspire to a more humane society. Artificial intelligence, according to the definition given by the “synthesis Report” of the working group France AI ” refers to devices which imitate or substitute for humans in certain implementations of his cognitive functions “. This scientific discipline has been launched in the 1950’s by researchers in cybernetics in the United States. It was to break down the intelligence of faculties, basic – memory, vision, reasoning, demonstration – and to model them with computers to simulate it.

Then studies evolved into research on artificial neural networks – a set of algorithms inspired by the functioning of biological neurons dedicated to the resolution of problems of high complexity logical or algorithmic. These works are then quickly fell into disuse because of the computing power is limited computers. Today, and since about fifteen years, the latter having greatly increased, the research on artificial intelligence have been able to resume. Computers can now adjust their own internal settings in order to progress. This is what is called deep learning, or ” deep learning “.


Thanks to this system, we can now make the recognition of images, words, interpretation of texts, or the translation. And, from these techniques, the industrial build autonomous cars,…

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