The european Commission wants to ensure the fight against money laundering new ways

The european Union (EU) may be the rules “the strictest in the world” in terms of money laundering, but it has clearly no guarantees that they are respected, as shown by recent cases, including that of ING, the netherlands. The large Dutch bank has negotiated with the justice of the netherlands, a transaction amounting to 775 million euros. In Estonia, the subsidiary of Estonian Dansk Bank, the first institution in Danish, has been questioned for money laundering of $ 30 billion (26 billion euros) of Russian money of doubtful provenance.

The EU, considers the Commission of Brussels, should, therefore, equip themselves with additional tools to strengthen the control on financial institutions, with a particular attention to the money transferred to terrorist movements. “It should be to close loopholes and strengthen oversight,” admits Vera Jourova, commissioner for justice. “Tracking down the dirty money is the best way to put the day of the terrorist threats “, supports his colleague Julian King, in charge of the security, which intends to be guided, he says, of us methods, obviously more effective than those implemented in the Eu. Because, if it is in sharp decline, the financing of terrorism remains a real concern, ” says the british commissioner.

Strengthen the supervision on the national controllers

Some member countries – that Brussels refuses to appoint – have not been put in place instruments of control to be sufficient. Will they, therefore, more susceptible to these calls than the previous ones ? Brussels is hoping to convince them that they can not only impair the image of the european financial sector, but also threaten the stability of some banks.

The Commission intends to, in any case, strengthening the role of the european banking Authority (EBA), established in 2010 to improve the supervision of the financial sector….

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