The EU will unveil a support plan for the post-Brexit

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – The european Commission will propose Wednesday financial assistance to firms, workers and farmers of the european Union, which would bear the brunt of the fallout of an output chaotic Britain of the Union, shows a document that Reuters was able to consult.

The british Prime minister, Boris Johnson, no longer has a parliamentary majority after the defection of an elected curator, and the members could vote on a text which aimed to prevent a “no deal”, that is to say, an exit from the EU without a negotiated agreement on October 31. His government has warned that it could retaliate by calling on early elections on October 14.

On Wednesday, the Commission will propose, in the framework of the preparations for a “no deal”, to apply to the european solidarity Fund is usually used to help the victims of natural disasters, in order to cushion the economic impact of Brexit on the member States.

It also hopes to contribute the european Fund for adjustment to globalization (EGF), originally created for the purpose of helping EU workers deprived of employment by globalization, specifies the document.

The community executive will also propose to use all existing instruments to support EU farmers and to limit the impact of a “no deal” on the european market of food products.

The european rules on State aid offer “flexible solutions for measures to support the national” small and medium-sized enterprises of the Union are heavily exposed to the uk market, and also explains the document.

On a more political level, the Commission will underline that it continues to work with Ireland to find a way to prevent the restoration of a physical border between the Republic of Ireland and the british province of Northern Ireland while protecting the european single market.

But it will also reaffirm that the only way to achieve this is to use the existing solution of the “backstop irish”, a mechanism provided in the release agreement negotiated by the EU and by the previous british government, but rejected three times by the House of commons.s

If London opts for “no deal”, will also tell the Commission, the EU will not be willing to discuss the future of relations with Britain, that, once settled definitively the question of the rights of EU citizens arrived on british soil before the Brexit.

The United Kingdom would also be forced to honour its financial obligations to the EU and to preserve the Agreements of good Friday of 1998, which have brought peace in Ireland, she will remember.

London should also preserve the integrity of the single market of the EU.

In order to facilitate the access to information and coordination between member States, Brussels is planning to set up a call centre capable of responding in all the languages of the EU to a telephone number accessible from all 27 member countries.

(Jan Strupczewski; Marc Angrand for the French service)

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