The enterprise social networks are not a recipe

The social network designed as a key element of the digital transformation of businesses do not win the expected success from the employees. The Institute of social management (IGS-RH considered on the subject to understand why, as companies invest heavily to create their “Facebook” internally, employees use so little. Only one manager in four has recourse, and the other staff even less, according to the results of their study ” a collaborative Mode or in a collaborative fashion ? “published on Monday November 27.

Enterprise social networks enable, such as on Facebook to create a profile, subscribe to other profiles, and create virtual groups to share information. They are very present in the company. “To carry out their transformation to a digital one, 40 % of companies, of any size, are equipped with a network, and 26 % want by the end of 2018. 85 % of companies in the CAC40 have their own, ” notes professor Jean Pralong, holder of the chair in Intelligence HR & CSR of the IGS-RH. This represents a real investment : “It costs 5 euros per employee and per month,” he says.

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