The end of the dynasty dreamed of Murdoch

At age 86, it was said to be on the withdrawal, gradually shifting the hand to his two sons, dreaming to perpetuate his dynasty. Thursday, 14 December, selling a large part of his group to Disney for $ 66 billion (eur 56 billion), Rupert Murdoch has again taken the whole world against the foot, proving that he was still the boss. The magnate, an american-australian, which has become one of the most influential figures in the political world of the United States, close to Donald Trump, has given a chisel decisive to his own empire, separating them without emotion of his youngest son, James.

“It is a drama of biblical “, says Claire Enders, one of the best connaisseuses of the Murdoch family. For the specialist british media, co-founder of Enders Analysis, it just happened like in the story of Cain and Abel. When the two sons of mythical Adam and Eve had brought offerings to god, God had preferred ostensibly those offered by Abel. “Rupert has done the same. He likes to have fun, and he decided to prefer one of his sons to another. “Lachlan, age 46, has triumphed over James, 44 years of age. “This is the end of his desire to build a dynasty,” says Andrew Neil, his former lieutenants in the United Kingdom and today a journalist at the BBC.

“The separation is done in a friendly way “, however, clarifies Ms. Enders. Simply, the younger son and the father are came to the conclusion that they do not share the same vision of the media nor the same priorities. A separation had become inevitable.

The info and the sport vs. entertainment

The voice is gravelly and a little hesitant, the face crumpled, the hair is non-existent, but Rupert Murdoch has led itself to the presentation of the sale this Thursday. Surrounded by his two son, but in perfect control of the operations. He was keen to remind everyone that it was his empire,…

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