The employees of Coca-Cola fear the social plan discussion

While Coca-Cola is in the process of negotiating a social plan in France aimed at eliminating 131 positions (figure on the net) and that the factories have been blocked Wednesday, 14 and Thursday, 15 February, in protest, the group announced, Friday, the bad results at the global level to 2017. Net earnings were $ 1,248 billion (1 billion euros), down from 81 %, and the decline in net sales of 15 %, 35,410 billion.

On the other hand, the results on the area covered by the entity, Coca-Cola European Partners (ECCP) – France, the netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Spain, Iceland and Russia, ” explode “, judge of the inter-union CGT-CGC-CFDT Coca-Cola in France : the turnover marks an increase of 1.5 %, and especially, the operating profit increases by 9 %. “We can all be proud of this performance, welcomes Damian Gammell, director-general, especially as it came on the heels of the end of the first full year of DC “, which is the result of a merger of the entities of the different countries.

Be able to rule in full knowledge of the facts

For France, the results are presented in a different way : we speak of “volumes : – 2.7% compared to the budget foreseen in the business plan, and “earnings” : – 2.7% compared to the budget. Turnover increased by 0.3 %. “We have achieved a good fourth quarter,” wrote Ben Lambrecht, the president of ECCP France, without communicating the operating income by 2017.

“The comparison with the budget does not mean a great thing,” says Ralph Blindauer, a lawyer of the central works council (CEC), noting that ” these data are incomplete, come in now while the report of the expert was presented on February 5, and that the CEC is supposed to make a notice next Tuesday without having been able to analyse these new figures. “That is why the CCE and the coordination body of the…

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