The duopoly Airbus-Boeing strengthens its hegemony

Year-to-year, the aerospace sector is an exception : the trees rise up to the sky. The Farnborough international airshow, near London, including days reserved for professionals have closed their doors Thursday, July 19, from to bring back the evidence. Alone, Airbus and Boeing have amassed a booty of more than 160 billion dollars (138 billion euros) in new orders.

The little game of the one who will have the biggest backlog of orders, Boeing has prevailed over its european rival. Thus, the u.s. has earned more than $ 100 billion worth of contracts corresponding to 673 additional commands, far ahead of Airbus (431 new orders). Not to worry, the european airplane manufacturer, that wont provide his or her effort at the end of the year.

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At the Farnborough international airshow, Airbus and Boeing posted orders

While manufacturers are slashing the champagne, the motorists, themselves, to raise their cup. CFM, a subsidiary of a 50/50 joint venture of the French Safran and us General Electric (GE), announced that it had received command of 858 motors for $ 15 billion at list prices. A provisional figure, because all the client companies (Airbus and Boeing) have not yet made known the choice of their future engines.

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