The dismissal of a provider of Renault cancelled in the name of freedom of expression

The court of appeal of Versailles overturned the dismissal for serious misconduct of an employee, sub-contractor to the Technocentre Renault in Guyancourt (Yvelines) was invited by mail to the trade unions to broadcast the documentary of the satirical Thank you boss ! and as reported in the press an admonition to his boss about sending this email. The court considers that the dismissal door ” attack on the freedom of expression “. It condemns the employer, Eurodecision, to pay 45 000 euro to his former employee, as well as 3, 000 euros in the trade unions SUD and the CGT, which supported it, for ” infringement of freedom of association “, according to the judgment handed down on 28 February. “It is a dedication to the freedom of expression,” responded Marie-Laure Dufresne-Castets, the lawyer of the former employee.

On march 15, 2016, in an email sent from his home to the trade union organisations, the service provider was invited to a mobilization against the law work, and proposed to organize the screening of the film ” Thank you boss ! the journalist François Ruffin (now an mp France insubordinate).

Immediately alerted by Renault, which blamed the employee of the subcontractor, to be distributed to employees of the Technocentre a ” e-mail message of a political nature “, the CEO of Eurodecision the convene for an informal interview. According to the employee, It was said that he “had made a big mistake” by contacting the union organizations, that Renault “monitored the emails of its unions “and that” as a provider, it should not apply ” to them. A warning had been imposed a few days later.

“A context of anguish “

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