The digital transformation in the service of the company

The digital transformation is a process of capital which are today facing the majority of companies.

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They must anticipate the impact of digital in their business, understand the changes for their clients. Return of experience with Group, Nation, expert insurance broking and pioneer in its market, through the integration of digital technology in its development strategy.

Be an actor of its digital transformation
Nowadays, businesses operate in a world in which innovation is no longer only a parameter among others, but indeed a major issue. In the Face of this evolution of practices, many opt for a passive attitude at the time to adopt an adequate strategy and this leads them very often into a dead end.

There are many factors that may explain this “distrust” vis-à-vis the digital transformation :
• fear of the unknown
• difficulty to “match” the digital with its corporate culture
• lack of resource to drive the change

Wishing to take the posture reverse in anticipation of these changes, Group Nation has favoured a large-scale integration of the digital transformation at the heart of its organization.

To break with the usual practices of sectors sometimes risk-averse in adopting an active stance and not wait and see is the key held by Group Nation.

“The real opportunity, the digital transformation can be put off when she is approached for the first time. The successive apparition of the new media is leading to new uses in part explains this situation. ” declares Jean-Marie Menard, Director of risk, Damage, Civil Responsibility, Various Risks and Special Risks, and project leader of mutation within the group.

Like any change, digital transformation comes with its share of annoyances. Among them, the information overload and the abuse of communication generated by some tools, is an example of the reverse side of the medal that may lead to counter productivity.

Unlike the previous, the modern information technology revolution continues at a frenetic pace. The uses which derive from it are changing daily lives, both in the private sphere as well as professional.

Then load each one to absorb and be aware of the opportunities offered by the digital transformation. In the context of enterprises, to take the measure of this phenomenon is vital in that it will offer a clear competitive advantage.

Aware of this turning point, Group Nation has fully integrated the digital transformation in their organization to position it to his heart without losing his values. She has collaborated in customizing a solution tailored to the business of the brokerage, to get free business applications are rigid and traditional.

The teams have gained in comfort, relevance and openness. Resulted, de facto, significant productivity gains.

By initiating the development of this tool, Group, Nation was enrolled as an actor precursor of the digital transformation and goes beyond the “simple” adaptation to change in organizations.

In fact, these new working methods enable us to break with practices that are “outdated” such as the culture of reporting, and the systematic control. Promoting the participation and collaboration of all, they draw the contours of a new type of model management in which, the addition of the skills of each serves a common purpose : growth.

All this demonstrates the impact of the digital transformation in the world of work with its effects visible : improved monitoring, increased profitability, better collaboration of teams, etc. To go further, this revolution involves also the acquisition of new skills at all levels of positions and also the integration of new tools : cloud, software, business, smartphones…

The challenge for companies, as was the Group Nation, is to find a solution that would centralize this information and segmenting their accessibility.

Jean-Marie Menard, director of risk property & CASUALTY and special risks, project leader of mutation within the group, concludes :

“A creator of value, the digital transformation is the major shift that each company must negotiate in its development strategy. Once considered an option, today it is a necessity.

Far from being without worth, its integration becomes a pre-requisite for all under penalty of seeing the competition you fall behind or worse you make it obsolete in the eyes of your customers. In our situation, it allowed us to bring more confidence by improving our proximity and in providing them access to our expertise. ”

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