The developers stars of the web have now their agents

The sizes of the networks, and software now have their own agent. A man, a woman of trust, who manages their careers, negotiate their contracts, the discharge of all kinds of daily concerns. Ludovic Hindryckx, 34 years old, is one of them. After thirteen years of labour, this developer full-stack (” all “) has chosen to start his account. Following the trend in this business, where the free-lance is more and more popular, it is soon realized that this implied some constraints : “we had to take care of the creation of the company, find a bank, find customers, deal with insurance… ”

Tasks time-consuming for these experts sursollicités. Ludovic Hindryckx has therefore appealed to Top Five, an agency that supports everything that it doesn’t like to do. And, most importantly, it unearths the missions : three months to start, then six months, and a further six months, renewable, saving the commercial aspect of his profession. This service has a cost, of course : 1 000 to 2 000 euros per month for Top Five, for example.

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