“The currency cloud delivers information well beyond the transaction itself “

Forum. The report Cap 22 of the committee of public Action 2022, says among its objectives that of achieving a society that is ” zero cash from here to 2022. This proposal (the sixteenth according to the elements of the report that have ” leaked “) is part of a groundswell world to abolish notes and coins as a medium assumed exceeded the currency.

Are dispersed the many benefits of a transition to a currency that is cloud-based, electronic or digital : lower costs of production and circulation of the currency, the fight against the laundering of money of criminal origin, the fight against the financing of terrorist activities. For some, the aim of permanently get rid of the cash seems to be a rite of passage for any society that wishes to be modern.

Digital currency or electronic has a variety of forms : write a line on a bank account, payment by cards or by means of platforms and applications for payment by mobile phone, etc, It is actually not new since, in a country like France, a long time ago that the salaries are paid into bank accounts which are backed by payment cards, with which it is possible to carry out payments, transfers, etc

Access to cash has become difficult

The novelty lies rather in the desire to delete all of the cash transactions and this, in a global movement which would affect all or almost all countries. The other novelty concerns the actors involved in this movement, since there is, in addition to nonprofit organizations philanthropic organizations like the Gates Foundation, the MasterCard foundation, alliances supranational such as the Alliance for Financial Inclusion, or the Better than Cash Alliance, and finally a myriad of fintech (companies of technological innovation in the financial area) ranging from small start-up companies of mobile telephony through PayPal…

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