The CSO data on the basis of slowed agricultural producer prices rise in June

In June, agricultural producer prices is 2.5 percent higher, respectively, than a year earlier, in may to 4.5 percent increase. The plant products prices of the previous month to a greater extent, to 3.1 percent, live animals and animal products buying-in price in may to 15,0 per cent slower, a 12.7 percent increase – said on Tuesday the Central statistical Office (CSO).

The price of the cereals is 7.2 percent last year from June relative, the potato was 21.4 percent became cheaper, the price of vegetables, however, only 0.8 percent declined, while the fruits of 17,7 percent more expensive.

The live animals purchase price of 8.7 percent, within the price of slaughter pig of 19.2 percent rise, and 451 huf per kilogram average price of the year, the highest since the. The chicken was 2.8 percent cheaper, for the past five months the cutting chicken buying price per kilogram 250 huf around stagnant. The animal products is 23.3 percent more expensive, the price of milk 31,7% increase, a litre of 92 huf, the eggs of 2.7 percent became more expensive.

This year’s first half year, the agricultural producer prices was 2.1 percent increase the previous year compared to the same period. Within the vegetable products price of 3.0 percent, live animals and animal products increased by 12 percent. Price of vegetables from January to June, 4.2 percent decrease, the gyümölcsöké 9,6 percent. The price of potatoes is 7.4 percent, the price of slaughter pig 25, the price of milk is 24 percent rise.

The first half of the year, the agricultural production input prices 1.2 percent abated. The agricultural scissors – the agricultural termelőiár and expenditure producer price index ratio – value of 103,3% in the first half of the year i.e., the purchase price increases exceeds the cost of growth.

The intermediate consumption rate of 1.6 percent drop, within this energy costs to 8.4 percent increased the feed price is 6.2 percent. The agricultural investment price levels for a 1.7 percent increase in the total of 4.9 percent price increases caused by the, because the machine prices increased by 1.0 percent lower than in the first half of last year.

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