The crises Danone : when ” the company becomes an object of policy “

Forum. Danone faced since the month of April with a major crisis in Morocco, the victim of a powerful boycott of its products, which had plunged its turnover by 50% in six weeks.

While the situation has not yet subsided, a Russian front opens for the food group, which is struggling now with the accusations of violation of sanitary standards by the agency of the checks Rosselkhoznadzor.

Turmoil of opinion

All this while Danone presents itself as a company in advance on the expectations of consumers, a pioneer in his willingness to reconcile the demands of the market and those of the company ; Danone is an international group driven by a patron engaged, Emmanuel Faber, poet of the Revolution of the power, transparency vis-à-vis the consumer, GMO-free, ” agriculture regenerative “.

This business could seem to be immune to this type of turbulence is of opinion, protected by his practice as by his communication. How is it that this group precursor is thus affected by these two crises of a nature profoundly political – a crisis of conscience in Morocco, and a crisis of accents geopolitical in Russia ?

Danone is hit by what appears more like the common lot of big business : a look a lot more biting, sometimes distorted, of the company about their practices, to an increased pressure of public opinion and media exposure growing.

Liberal globalization has broken out and redistributed the power. The States have lost the monopoly for the benefit of non-governmental actors, the first of which are large international groups, whose wealth exceeds the gross domestic product of some nations. With this place come responsibilities, and expectations or new requirements to the public.

Part of the irrational

Against this backdrop, the reaction appearance economical is the dodge : it is better…

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