The Council of State considers that the volunteer can be asked in exchange for the RSA

Input by the departmental council of the Haut-Rhin, the highest administrative court in French held, Friday, June 15, that if the contract entered into between the department and the recipient of the RSA is developed in a personalized way “, it can ” provide for legally significant actions of the volunteer, provided that they can contribute to a better professional integration of the beneficiary and remain compatible with the search for a job “.

Seven hours of volunteer work per week at the risk of being deprived of the allocation of RSA, such was the extent of controversy which was decided in February 2016 by the council for the département of Haut-Rhin to an application from the beginning of 2017.

To facilitate the insertion

The chair (LR) of the council of the time, Eric Straumann, presented this measure as a means to facilitate the insertion of the beneficiaries and their return to employment, while she had outraged the associations that support people in precarious.

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