The content of the optional pay will be reported on the boxes of video games

The Pan European Games Information (PEGI), a private organization in charge of the classification of the productions of video games, will introduce from the end of the year a new rating ” in app purchases “. The announcement was made on Thursday 30 August by the Union of the software publishers leisure (SELL), which defends the interests of the publishers of video games in france and is a member of the PEGI.

This label will appear both on the boxes of the games in the store than on the main platforms for selling dematerialised, in order to ” inform parents of the opportunity to spend money in certain video games “. DLC””, lootboxes, ” microtransaction business model “… in recent years, under different names and in different forms, video games have seen the explosion of these new techniques of monetization. Buy outfits for his avatar, more powerful weapons or even new chapters to the adventure : all of these bonuses virtual, optional, but pay, can, accumulated, exceed the purchase price of the game.

Reaction to the polemics of 2017

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