The conditions for the departure of the former CEO of Carrefour are causing controversy

A big cheque of departure for Georges Plassat : meeting in general assembly, Friday, June 15, at Aubervilliers (Seine-Saint-Denis), the shareholders of the Carrefour group approved the resolution to grant 13,17 million euros to the former CEO of the French group of distribution in respect of its fixed elements of remuneration, variable and exceptional attributed to the year 2017. This resolution was adopted by 68 % of the shareholders present and represented.

In this framework, the shareholders have accepted an agreement that grants 3,98 million euro of compensation for compliance with non-competition clause eighteen-month to the one who, at the age of 68 years (he is now 69), has asserted his rights to retirement. In this respect, it will reach 517 810 euros of additional pension per year.

During the general assembly, the trade unions have all denounced this “mother lode” and this “inconsistency” as Carrefour, top private employer in France, going through an unprecedented crisis. In 2017, the group to 78.8 billion euros of turnover shows a net loss of 531 million euros.

In January, Alexandre Bompard, the successor of Georges Plassat, has announced an extensive cost reduction plan, which provides for the elimination of 7,000 jobs in the world, 2,400 in France. To lend credibility to the voluntary redundancy plan to finish by the autumn, the former boss of the group Fnac-Darty never misses the opportunity to point out the mistakes of the past. These include the delay by the Crossroads on the market of e-commerce and the redemption price, strong network of the brand Dia in France, in 2014, three years after its spin-off. Since then, the elected staff of the group are wind standing.

Devaluation, stock market

The CFDT was sent to Aubervilliers more than a hundred of its representatives, shareholders, employees, to loudly express her opposition to the plans of job cuts, alert…

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