The company and the ” management common “

[The law Covenant (the” action plan for growth and business transformation “) has for objective the development of the entrepreneurial fabric of French and an association with more great employees to the company’s results. One of the components of the draft law, as embodied in the report Senard-Notat, offers a rewriting of the civil code, in order to better integrate social and environmental concerns in the issues of business corporations. The economy minister Bruno Le Maire has confirmed. But the presentation of the draft law by the council of ministers, scheduled on 18 April, has been delayed successively to 2 may, 16 may and 23 may, and could be even later than that. The text is in strong opposition on the part of some of the employers and some economists]

Forum. The concept of ” raison d’être “, as proposed by the report of Jean-Dominique Senard, and Nicole Notat, may amend in depth the governance of the company. By asking the ” why ” of the company as being independent and different from that of the market, the maximization of the profit appears as a means to an end broader, which is the contribution to the expectations of all parties involved in the covenant of entrepreneurship. This refers to its governance, the definition of the purpose of the company, and management is the duty of the implement, without confusion of roles.

This bold idea has not yet been well understood by the business community, which wonders if we are going to introduce in the articles of association an empty slogan or a new scope of responsibility involving the directors. In fact, this proposal aims to exceed the reason shareholder structure of the value creation model since the industrial age, to the benefit of a reason entrepreneurial, which adds to the contract between the partners an overall benefit to the company.

Globalization and commercialism of the anglo-saxon

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