The cinemas back in saudi Arabia

From nothing enables us to consider infinite possibilities of development. It is in this spirit that an official delegation from saudi Arabia has started this week a tour of the United States to meet with Hollywood and the entertainment, a few days before the opening of the first cinema back in the kingdom, scheduled for 18 April in Riyadh.

For thirty-five years, the few dark rooms of this country sunni ultraconservateur had been purely and simply forgotten, the religious leaders who had obtained their closure. The government had announced in 2017 that he would lift this ban in the context of economic and social reforms carried out by the crown prince Mohammed Bin Salman to diversify an economy too dependent on oil. It is as well as the Black Panther, the superhero movie from Marvel directed by Ryan Coogler, should be the first presented in the concert hall of symphony converted and operated by the american group CMA, which is owned by the chinese Wanda.

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The management of the AMC is hoped, through its association with the sovereign wealth fund saudi Public Investment Fund, control in-term 50 % of the cinematic exploitation of this country. Within five years, the group will open 40 multiplexes, then a hundred before 2030. Other groups are on the ranks, as the dubai-based VOX Cinemas, the american iPic Entertainment, or the british View Cinemas, to take advantage of this market is still blank, which could represent a billion dollars (820 million euros) per year in the coming years.

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