The chinese group Jin Jiang is from Louvre Hotels, the engine of its growth

The conglomerate chinese Jin Jiang does not hide ! The competitors were well behaved. The new owner of Louvre Hotels Group wants to do the race in the lead. “We have the ambition to be number one in the world within five years,” says Pierre-Frédéric Roulot, president and CEO of the small empire French hotel founded forty years ago by the family Taittinger. A rise in the power that arrives after the redemption, in February 2015, Louvre Hotels to chinese Jin Jiang. The recovery changed everything. “We have moved into another dimension “, and is surprised yet Mr Roulot.

The chinese giant is already a heavy weight in the industry, with approximately 700,000 rooms in a 7,000 hotels in 67 countries. “The fourth group in the world” and the first in China, says the CEO. It also holds 12.5% AccorHotels.

Always controlled by the city of Shanghai, which it is, originally, a single administrative department, the Jin Jiang group is a protean. In addition to hotels and restaurants, he is also the owner of Disneyland Shanghai, travel agencies – a Chinese three who go abroad travels with Jin Jiang Travel, bus companies. The group is also present in the logistics, the road transport and freight.

A considerable firepower

For Jin Jiang, the purchase of the French group is more than a simple acquisition. Louvre Hotels will become the engine of development of the group in China as elsewhere in the world. “Louvre Hotels has become the only vehicle for Jin Jiang international, which we have also been asked to manage hotels in China “, boasts Mr Roulot. Louvre Hotels has now on hand 3 000 7 000 institutions of Jin Jiang. A considerable firepower. In total, the bridge head of French of the chinese group holds 49 brands in its portfolio. Not a question of clear-cutting among all these brands. Louvre Hotels plans to…

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