The CFE-CGC wants to adapt its values to the new world

Analysis. Slayer of the single thought, François Hommeril do not lose an opportunity to take Emmanuel Macron. The president of the CFE-CGC, elected in June 2016, hates, according to his expression, “butter the bread” and sees, for example, in the idea that it establishes a gradual reduction of unemployment benefits for the executives, a “scandal” populist “.

But for his first ” université d’automne “, from Tuesday 9 to Thursday 11 October in Deauville (Calvados), he left his missiles against the president of the Republic to the locker room and gave the priority to forward thinking. “Put all the worst and imagine the best, he started, and if this was not the shortest and the best definition of coaching. Be finally the incarnation of the true “continuous progress”, this concept(…)often exploited as a method of management by some directions when this is a reason to be for us. “

For this ” university of the fall “, described as an “inter-congress” – a formula abandoned since the presidency of Paul Marchelli (1984-1993) – the president of the CFE-CGC has set the bar high with the ambition to” add a brick “program of the central executive to” adapt [its] values ” in a changing world. During three days, 350 activists have been working on ” the business and its challenges “. On the agenda : corporate governance, big data and artificial intelligence, the expectations of young people for whom, according to Mr. Hommeril, ” the company has bad breath “. A forward-looking approach that should materialize during the next congress confederal in a year in Deauville, france, where Mr. Hommeril briguera a second term.

The originality of the foundation of Deauville was the work in “beehives” represented equally

Several round tables have marked this “university of the fall” : the modernization of the governance…

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