The cause of failure of Start Up is usually seen

There are many causes for a failed Brotherhood Startup on the Launch together to point out the underlying causes for a Startup to die at the same time if someone has the ability to point out a single good cause. too! What do you see
Personally, I could tell some of the causes that startup dangers are:
Too focused on technical ideas that forget that the idea has no output for the product and no revenue.
Good idea Team set up capital preparation is not enough so when the capital is not the reserve is not paying attention not at the beginning of the call for capital to die of shortness of breath
Products made ok but no one used because the user experience is not focused
Vietnamese startups always confuse vitamins and medications so sometimes attach great importance to developing good and impressive functions but it is only a vitamin, not a cure. That’s it
Most startup lacks overall corporate governance experience so do not die for the main thing that dies.

We have not measured enough market capacity, not properly evaluated opponents

  • Focusing on making sp but selling is not a professional team so sp is not sold as expected so the will decrease: Fix is ​​to have sp team and look for sales channels so that when sp can come to hand Users can (can give them a try for comments) and then collect money later
  • Identifying target customers is not right, the approach is not diversified, not enough for them to experience SP to decide to buy
  • Perfection, the pursuit of perfection leading to long sp time out, the capital, the trend has changed, sp out is too many errors.
  • Founder unknown sales, not talk to customers.
  • No good mentors have been invited to comment.

From the Launch community of Vietnam.

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