“The catering are exciting when we choose to practice under the angle of quality “

Forum. Many restaurateurs complain about the lack of motivation and loyalty of the candidates for a trade that seems to be discouraged job seekers by their time constraints and material, and its lack of social valuation. The debate on the “little phrase” of Emmanuel Macron on the ease of finding a job in the sector, “crossing the street” has attracted new attention to this problem.

It is true that too many young people today choose our trades more by default than by passion. But isn’t the profession to inspire his future recruits ? The restoration disciplines are inherently exciting, when one chooses to practice under the angle of quality at all levels.

Treasures of creativity

The network of ” Restaurants and artisan producers of quality “, established by the College culinaire de France in 2013, has developed a special approach to tackle the problems of recruitment and retention of 2 200 members on the whole territory of the country.

Upstream, from the schools of hotel and catering, the College of culinary proposes the signing of a ” charter of seasonality “, which educates future professionals so that they will open the craft practices and a reconnection with the earth. This is to encourage them to approach their profession by the knowledge of products and producers, the source of motivation and commitment.

The emphasis placed by the College culinaire de France on the vital importance of a human relationship between producers and restaurateurs to emerge with the treasures of creativity and a heated exchange on the discovery and understanding of different trades. Thus, a conservator who will have understood on the ground, by the side of its producer, the importance of the moment of maturation optimum of a vegetable or a fruit for taste, will be able to share the discovery with its teams and the passion.


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