The candidates of the Medef on the grill of the executive board of the organization

For the six candidates still in contention for the presidency of the Medef, it was the big day. Monday, may 28, they were all interviewed by the 45 members of the executive council (EC) of the employers ‘ organisation. The format is simple: after the draw for the running order, they had 20 minutes to present their project and 10 minutes for questions. Note that four candidates (Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux, Alexandre Saubot, Frédéric Motte, and Patrick Martin), the members of this forum have not attended the hearings to ensure fairness among all of the challengers.

This hearing will lead to a vote that will be made public on 11 June. If it is not decisive for the outcome of the election, which was held in early July (in 2013 Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux was preceded by a voice Pierre Gattaz, who had come to take away the ballot), it will serve to clarify the situation. “The result of the vote, even if it is symbolic, will be starting a new phase of the campaign with the early breakage of some of the candidates who are going to seek to monetize their rallying,” says a regular at the avenue Bosquet. Clearly, according to a member of the duel between Alexander Saubot, former president of the IUMM, the powerful federation of the metallurgy, and Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux, vice-president Pierre Gattaz in charge of taxation, seems to be installed. The two main candidates are active also in the wings to join them in the large federations, which are the election. Because it is not the bosses who vote but the general assembly of the Medef consisting of major voters.


Just one month before the final vote, Alexander Saubot, ex-Mr. head of the avenue Bosquet, seems to have for the time ahead. Without surprise, the IUMM has given its support to its former president. As well as that of public works. This already ensures 50 votes to Alexandre Saubot, patron of the SME Haulotte, out of a total of 561. He also hoped to secure support in the services and in the other industrial federations. Moreover, it will without doubt enjoy the mesh of the IUMM in the region to rally to him Medef territorial.

For his part, Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux is continuing his campaign in his hallway by putting forward its expertise especially on themes related to the transformation to a digital business. With his aura of patron of the digital in-phase with the start-up nation promoted by Emmanuel Macron, he is currently enjoying a nice dynamic. “Compared to 2013, where he was also a candidate, he has taken of the thickness and the height of view. He learned a lot during five years as vice-president of the Medef, ” said a member of the organization. Certainly, it has not yet received the official support of major federations, but a number of them such as those of the building, banks, or insurance interested in his favour. In the campaign for a long time, he continues to travel the regions and multiplying appointments, formal and informal, to try to win the election by playing the card of the “new world”(rhetoric macronienne), that he wants to embody, against that of the former.

Finally, in ambush, there is Patrick Martin, the president of the Rhône-Alpes region, which battle to be the third man in the election. Its objective, to disrupt the duel of the two favorites, or even stay ahead to the finish. Supported by Fabrice le Saché, a contractor of 35 years, and Peter Brajeux, president of the Medef Hauts-de-Seine, he could make the full support in the Medef territorial.


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