The Caisse des dépôts, a swiss army knife for the French economy

“The problem with the deposits, it is that nobody understands what she is doing. “The quip is signed to a good connoisseur of the institution, whose name had been circulated among the personalities expected to take the lead. All those who have frequented the home, the qualify of” unusual object “or” animal complex “.

Augustin de Romanet, who ruled from 2007 to 2012, launched the formula of ” armed arm of the State financial “. “It was a spin to set the CDC to the journal of 20 hours, but in reality it is impossible to summarise “, slice, a leader of the group this time.For the monetary and financial code, Caisse des dépôts et consignations (CDC) is above all ” in the service of the general interest and economic development of the country “. Its model is unique, based on a governance baroque : the CDC is a public establishment placed under the special protection of Parliament. Founded in 1816, it has no shareholder and its funds do not result neither from the State budget, nor of the taxpayers ‘ money, since it is self-financing through its own funds.

Social security, pensions, housing, etc.

To carry out its missions, the institution is based on two legs. The first is its public establishment, on which the director general has fully hand. Its field of action a large part of the daily life of the French.

One French person in six lives in a social housing built or financed by the group.

The institution secures funds of the legal professions, in particular those of the notaries. It acts as a banker to the social Security. It manages the retirement of the French on the five through 48 pension funds and solidarity under his wing. In addition, the savings funds of the Caisse, of which the balance sheet is properly sealed from the rest of the group, centralizes 60 % of the collection of the regulated savings (Livret A…

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