The Café Pushkin in Moscow, Paris

Andrei Dellos has not been able to store his / her electronic cigarette. It vapote by looking at the first customers, guests, sit at the tables of the café Pushkin, which will officially open on November 30. The story of an entire life in 600 square meters, place de la Madeleine in Paris, a miniature replica of the famous restaurant in moscow, open 24 hours on 24. An investment of 12 million, of which € 5 million for the acquisition of the business.”My idea was to tell a very, very beautiful story, ” says Russian businessman, rolling slightly to the r. This is my story, with my unique know-how.” One of his ancestors as he and the grandson of a French couturier came to try his luck in the St. Petersburg of the tsars, and never left.

A dolls house for Marie-Antoinette

This, therefore, brings together in a place that was once a mega Orange, the mixture is quite kitch but well done of several centuries of French culture and the Russian language. “It is a bit of a dolls house that Catherine The Great might have offered to Marie-Antoinette”, he says, to illustrate his latest creation. A la carte, we find classics of the Russian cuisine such as bortch, a soup of beets, piroshkis, these little slippers thickets, and of course caviar and blinis. But also dishes created with the assistance of the société Ducasse council as the yarrow herring mimosa. Andrei Dellos dream to serve the best breakfast in the world. “It is an obsession for me, such as baking,” said the sexagenarian dynamic that defines itself as a great maniac.

The invention of all parts thanks to Gilbert Bécaud

After four months of work, two months of hell, where “nothing sticks”, the demiurge the goat well-cut and blue eyes, scream and hope to conquer the capital. In the process, assisted by Stéphane Jitiaux, its general manager then hired at Ladurée, it aims to the opening of dozens of other shops, cafes and restaurant Pushkin in the world by 2020. Always with this unique cocktail of classic styles. Trained in the Beaux-Arts in Paris, Andrei Dellos assumes perfectly the art of counterfeiting. His group of restaurants, which employs 7,000 people, designs, moreover, from the palace key by hand with patinas and cracking. “The Café Pushkin, near the place of the same name, has never actually existed, has fun, this master of pastiche. Gilbert Bécaud had imagined in his song Nathalie. I built it.” Today it is a national monument where the serving of chops Pozharsky, a millefeuille Napoleon and, of course, hot chocolate.

And now a brewery, Art nouveau to the Red square

But no sooner is paint dry in Paris, Andrei Dellos already reveals his new project. The opening of a large brewery in Art nouveau style, on the Red square in 2019, one of the ends of the Gum, the huge department store in moscow. “There will be a large outdoor terrace facing the Kremlin”, is happy there. A century after the Russian Revolution, Andrei Dellos is therefore preparing to write a new page of history with a hint of nostalgia.

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