The boss of Merck loose Trump, not the rest of the pharmaceutical industry

On Monday, the boss of MSD (Merck & Co) has made a radical decision, shaking the habitual discretion of the majority of the leaders of the pharmaceutical industry. Kenneth Frazier has condemned the reaction of Donald Trump, after the riots of Charlottesville and retired from his position of “advisor of the exports” to the u.s. president.

“American leaders must honor our core values by rejecting clearly the manifestations of hatred, bigotry, and any claim of supremacy which deny the american ideal that all men were created equal […]. I consider it my responsibility to take a stand against intolerance and extremism”, he said.

The decision of Kenneth Frazier – it was followed by the resignations of the managers of the global sports apparel Under Armour, Kevin Plank, and the giant semiconductor Intel, Brian Krzanich, has collected the favors of Roy Vagelos, head of the biotech Regeneron, and a former executive of Merck & Co. “I applaud his decision. […] Ken is guided by a great sense of morality in everything he does,” he said.

The CEO of Johnson & Johnson still advising Trump to weigh in

The other companies and leaders in the pharmaceutical sector have, for their part, avoided taking a position against the american president. The last ruler of laboratory advisor to Donald Trump, Alex Gorsky, CEO of Johnson & Johnson, has decided to keep its function :

“Johnson & Johnson has a responsibility to stay engaged to represent our values as a public policy concern discussed and developed.”.

And to add :

“If we are not present in the instances deciding to make overall health a priority […] if we fail to make our voice heard, we will have renounced our creed of responsibility.”

The pharmaceutical industry is waiting nervously, the first measures of the president u.s. of the sector, and attempts to weigh in on the future choices relating to the drug industry. Thus, the lobbying of the pharmaceutical industry has spent nearly a billion dollars in the first quarter, the highest amount in the last five years.

Price reductions or decisions favorable to the pharmaceutical industry ?

Certainly, the sector has received positive signals in June. According to the New York Times, Donald Trump plans to give priority to measures favourable to big pharmas to strengthen the drug industry. The reduction in the price of treatments mentioned regularly during the presidential campaign, no longer seems to be the priority. The document that was provided to the daily american presents “the reduction of regulatory barriers as the best solution to lower the price”.

But this is only a draft, which may undergo important changes. And Donald Trump has blown hot and cold in recent months. In December, he had roared : “I don’t like what’s happening, I’m going to bring down the price of medicines.” To drive the point home in January: the pharmaceutical companies “do anything with impunity” (getting away with murder, in English, editor’s NOTE). A few weeks later, it ensured that a price drop is necessary, but promised to these latest measures to strengthen the drug industry, satisfying the patrons of the area.

Following the resignation of Kenneth Frazier, Donald Trump has reintroduced the prices of medicinal products in two tweets, he wrote that Kenneth Frazier will have more time to “reduce the exorbitant price of medicines”. And a few hours later he called to Merck & Co return to the United States of jobs created abroad, and lower prices.

Now that Ken Frazier of Merck Pharma has resigned from the President’s Manufacturing Council,he will have more time to LOWER RIPOFF DRUG PRICES!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 14, 2017

.@Merck Pharma is a leader in higher & higher drug prices while at the same time taking jobs out of the U.s. Bring jobs back & LOWER PRICES!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 14, 2017

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