The “Black Friday” should lead us to think ” another way to consume “

Forum. Environmental issues, endangered resources on one side, growth of consumption, the other-on a background of crises and recessions, the current economic model may not hold. The intense lobbying of the supporters of the status quo will only delay decision-making, life-saving and practical actions for a holistic shift in our modes of consumption and our model of society, not tenable in a world that will soon have 9 billion inhabitants. If we fail to respond to current needs that will be there in 20, 30 or 70 years ?

At the time of the ” Black Friday “, a great mass of consumerism, unbridled coming from the United States that offers promotions for the last weekend of November, there seems to be far from this awareness.

In 2016, online sales for “Black Friday” have made further progress : 15 million French people participated, according to a study by Toluna Thoughts, even as the consumer association UFC-que choisir reveals that the promotions of the “Black Friday” were to benefit the customers that 2 % reduction, on average. The compulsive consumption concerns, in particular, the high-tech equipment, which represent more than 20.5% of the purchases of the ” Black Friday “, so that their production and recycling are becoming a real environmental issue.

November, month of social and solidarity economy, as well as the european week of waste reduction, from 18 to 26 November, we invite you to think of new models switched to other values. Let us say it immediately, an economy that is more responsible is not synonymous with decay, but a different way of eating.

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