The Bitcoin hovers below 12 000$ after the sharp fall the day before

The Bitcoin has managed to hold its ground on Friday after a sharp correction a day earlier, has cleared nearly$ 2,000 of its price.

The price of Bitcoin rose by 0.8% to reach 11 874,1$ index at 16: 15.

The rebound Friday came after a correction of nearly 14% a day earlier, which was to pass the largest piece of digital by market capitalization, of$ 13,000 to a little less than 11 300$.

Analysts attributed the fall on Thursday in profit-taking after a rally of two weeks from 7 up to$888.

The Bitcoin remains on track for a weekly gain of 21% and has increased by 220% this year, up from 3 709$ to the end of 2018, although it is still far from historic highs of nearly$20,000.

The crypto-currencies have also generally held that a recovery after the correction on Thursday has erased about 50 billion dollars of value. The total market capitalization of the market of crypto-currencies has reached 336,68 billion, compared 318,61 billion a day earlier.

Among the closest competitors of Bitcoin, the’ Ethereum has dipped 0.5% to 306,63$, XRP has lost 3.1% to 0,41274$, the Bitcoin Cash has fallen slightly, from 0.1% to 426,9$, while the Litecoin has risen from 3.0% to 119,096$.

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