The Bitcoin continues to run erratically on the financial markets

The bitcoin has traded to the downside, extending weekly losses, despite gains in overall crypto-currencies Friday.

The Bitcoin has lost 4.2% to 11 346,1$ index, bringing losses for the week to 4.7%.

This digital asset, is generally volatile, has experienced highs and lows since mid-June, from 7 888$ 13 929,8$ in 2019, before undergoing a correction back to the 9-728,5$ last Tuesday.

Although it is still far from reaching its historic peak of almost $ 20,000, and in spite of the strong daily fluctuations of its price, the bitcoin has increased by over 200% since the beginning of the year.

The crypto-currencies are globally traded upward on Friday, with a total market capitalization of 323,21 billion, compared 319,48 billion a day earlier.

This is despite the fact that the nearest rivals of Bitcoin also experienced losses. Ethereum fell 1.2% to settle at 291,17$, in decrease of 5.0% on the week. The XRP was down 3.1% to settle at 0,3822$, down 7.9% over the last seven days, while the Litecoin has fallen from 2.3% to 119,30$, while retaining weekly earnings of 0.5%.

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