The Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies relapse after their recent rally

The bitcoin has declined sharply Thursday, putting an end to eight consecutive sessions of gains as the strong recent recovery ended.

The Bitcoin has fallen from 8.4% to 11 816,8$ Index at 17: 15.

Analysts have attributed a recent series of bullish drivers, including regulatory approval of a futures contract bitcoin of LedgerX, or the rising expectations regarding the launch of the coin digital Libra by Facebook, to a heavy series that has brought the crypto-currency is the most important a little more than$ 8,000 to a little over$ 13,000 in only two weeks.

In the absence of new particularly bearish around the fall of Thursday, the slide coincided with warnings recent analysts about an imminent correction.

Clement Thibault, analyst of, has tweeted Wednesday his recommendation to withdraw the money off the table and diversify in cash and other assets.

“More money is theoretically good, the more the financial security is guaranteed”, he said.

Overall, crypto-currencies have experienced a sharp fall on Thursday, the 10 largest pieces, all being in the red. The total market capitalisation of the crypto-currency fell to 334,67 billion, compared 367,42 billion a day earlier.

Among the closest competitors of Bitcoin, the’ Ethereum has slipped from 11.0% to 310,38$, XRP has dropped from 13.2% to 0,42732$, the Bitcoin Cash has dropped from 17.5% to 427,93$, while the Litecoin has fallen from 15.5% to 117,616$.

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