“The best guarantee of the social responsibility of the company, it is the competition “

[The law Covenant (the” action plan for growth and business transformation “) has for objective the development of the entrepreneurial fabric of French and an association with more great employees to the company’s results. One of the components of the draft law, as embodied in the report Senard-Notat, offers a rewriting of the civil code, in order to better integrate social and environmental concerns in the issues of business corporations. The economy minister Bruno Le Maire has confirmed. But the presentation of the draft law by the council of ministers, scheduled on 18 April, has been delayed successively to 2 may, 16 may and 23 may, and could be even later than that. The text is in strong opposition on the part of some of the employers and some economists]

Forum. On march 9, Jean-Dominique Senard, and Nicole Notat, presented their report on’ enterprise and the general interest “. They discuss in particular the possible rewriting of the articles of the civil code defines the role of the company. They propose to complete by adding the two following formulas : “The company must be managed in its own interest, considering the social and environmental implications of its activity “; and ” The social object may specify the purpose of the company is incorporated “.

We are witnessing and to the reactivation of an old debate, which is fed at various periods of contributions very extensive as the reports Bloch-Lainé, 1962 or Sudreau, 1975. This debate has already led, we often forget to changes to our legal corpus, even in the preamble of the Constitution of 1946, taken over by that of 1958. There is indeed a maxim high : ‘Every worker participates, through its delegates to the collective determination of working conditions as well as to the management of the companies. “


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